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It shall be exciting to have little chirping birds as your pets. We love their musical sound, and they add joy and happiness to the environment with their chirping. And with those sounds, you will never feel lonely. You can buy different types of birds as your pets, like sparrows, parrots, and cuckoos. Your lovely birds also need care and nutrition like all other pets. EasyMart is the best bird toy store in New Zealand, where you can find all kinds of bird products and accessories.  

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Whether you look for cockatiel toys for cage, feeding bowls or other pet supplies, you can find them at EasyMart.  We are the one-stop solution for all bird accessories at affordable prices.  

Birds as your family pet 

When it comes to pets, most people prefer either dogs or cats. But birds are also good companions, and the best advantage is that they do not require intensive lifestyle changes or support like other pets. Since they are intelligent creatures, they can be your good companion. Many people prefer bringing birds as their pets because they need less immediate care. Instead of the littlest pet shop bird as your companion, you can consider buying real chirping birds. Visit the website of EasyMart to check the toys and accessories to keep your pet comfortable and happy. 

Enrich your pet bird with the right bird toys 

If you look for the most affectionate animals, birds may not be the first one that comes to your mind. But they are social and affectionate pets and can easily bond with your family members. In fact, they might choose one of your family members and bond with that person most. And find the nearest bird toy shop to buy a few toys for your pet to get rid of its boredom. The right toys also help in their sensory enrichment. If you choose wooden toys, it helps them to keep their beak in shape. Choose foraging-style toys if you want to provide enrichment to your pet. 

Different types of bird toys 

EasyMart has a large collection of bird toys, and you can take a look at them to get an idea of the different types of bird toys available. The more variety that you provide for your pet, it will get more enrichment. Choose toys based on the type and size of your pet bird. Some birds prefer plant-based toys made from vines or palm leaves, while some others love wooden toys. Never provide sturdy toys for birds with a small beak because they might ignore toys made for large birds. Opt for bird toys with Afterpay from EasyMart to buy the best toys for your feathery friends to make them happy. Different types of toys that you can buy for your pet birds are: 

  • Foraging Toys 
  • Chewable and Shreddable Toys 
  • Foot Toys 
  • Swinging and climbing toys 
  • Trick and Activity toys 
  • Exercise toys 

Appropriate essentials for your pet birds 

If you are a pet parent, it is your responsibility to take care of them. You cannot find maintenance-free pets as all of them need your attention and care. You need to visit an online bird toy shop like EasyMart to buy all the required accessories and supplies for your pet bird. Many bird owners find it difficult to keep pet treats in one place, and they can choose millet and treat holders from us. Such a product can keep your birds stimulated and busy. Some of the must-have accessories for your pet bird are: 

  • Food 

Your pet bird requires a formulated diet, including fresh or dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Birds love cooked brown rice, nuts, and beans. Avoid any food that is toxic to your pet bird. 

  • Cage 

Always choose a cage that is large enough to accommodate your bird pets. Besides, it must be made from strong and non-toxic material. The birdcage also must be easy to clean. Ensure to buy a few cockatiel toys for cage to make it more attractive and keep your pet stimulated.  

  • Water and food bowls 

It is pleasing to watch a flock of birds enjoy food and water together, and you also love to feed them. And you can buy a special bird water feeder to give water to birds. If you have a pet bird, opt for wide cups as food bowls as it helps them to try new food items. You can find them in different materials like clay, earthenware, or plastic at EasyMart. 

  • Toys 

A littlest pet shop bird can be a good companion to your pet bird, and you can buy one from EasyMart. Provide appropriate toys to your pet to make it active and happy. 

Your bird pets are intelligent and affectionate, and they deserve the best. So, you visit the top eCommerce sites in new zealand to buy varieties of bird toys for their enrichment. And EasyMart is a one-stop solution in New Zealand for all pet accessories and products, including bird supplies. 

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