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Cat Carrier

  • Best with me bag



    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Soft and comfortable with me the bag is sturdy and beautiful. You can also use it alone as a shopping bag. This is made in Ital...

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  • Sherpa Original Deluxe Black Pet Carrier

    from $92.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Travel in comfort and style with Sherpa™ Original Deluxe™ Carrier. Perfect for traveling by plane or car, for a trip, or just t...

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  • extra large dog crate

    Pawz & Clawz Crate in Carry Bag

    from $101.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Pawz & clawz crate in carrying bag turns out to be the most useful accessory for the dog. What makes dog travel crate even ...

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Buy a large cat box carrier bag/car-bike basket online at the best price 

Are you looking for a safe way to travel with your little kitten? Whether you go on a short journey or a long trip, you can travel comfortably with your feline friend if you buy a  cat carrier. It is an important pet accessory that ensures your cat arrives at the travel destination safely and happily. You can find plenty of options for a cat crate, like wicker, soft-sided, hard, and bed style carriers at EasyMart. Browse their large collection of cat carriers and choose the right one suitable for your pet's travel needs. 

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EasyMart is the most popular web store in New Zealand to buy high-quality cat accessories, including a cat sling. With a wide range of cat carriers in different sizes, colors, and materials, you can choose the right one for your pet at an affordable rate. 

Cat bike basket - A worthwhile investment for your cat 

Comfort, safety, and durability are some of the key standards that you look at when you buy a cat carrier. Investing in a cat carrier bag is a wise decision because it can provide an extra level of security to your pet cat. Besides, the travel with your feline friend will be less stressful for your pet and you. Pet owners can find a wide variety of carriers at EasyMart made up of different materials. Choose the right carrier that is appropriate for the size of your cat. 

A cat carrier - An essential travel accessory for your pet 

A  cat carrier is beneficial for pet owners to travel with their feline companions safely. Whether they travel across the country or simply plan to go to the vet, they can take their kitten safely in a cat carrier. Most carriers are closed, and your pet will find a safe and comfy environment. Enclosed and dark environments can give a sense of security to your little cat. For this reason, they can safely travel in a cat carrier. 

Why a cat carrier at the top of the pet travel checklist 

As a pet owner, you can ensure the safety of your pet with a cat crate. It should be there in your cat travel checklist. If you want to take your kitten to a veterinarian or just driving it down the block, you can safely and securely take it in a carrier. And you cannot use anything as a carrier for your pet, like a tote bag, pillowcase, or laundry bag. Your pet might get lost while driving if you use such items as a carrier. If you plan to buy the right carrier for your kitten, type cat crate in the Google Search bar and find the results. EasyMart is the right online platform to buy the right carrier for your pet. 

Things to consider before buying a cat box carrier 

Finding the right cat carrier from many options can be an overwhelming experience for many pet owners. You might be confused about choosing from a front-loaded or a top-loaded carrier or a hard-sided or a soft-sided one. , you can easily choose the right cat sling for your pet cat by considering the following criteria. 

  • Importance of size 

Always choose the right sized carrier for your feline friend. Your cat might slide around in the carrier if it is too big, and it makes the pet stressed and insecure. Your pet feels secure in a snug carrier but ensures that it is big enough for the pet to turn around and lie down without any difficulty. 

  • Consider its closures 

When you choose a cat sling, compare its closures. You can find two openings in the easiest carriers, one on the front and the other on top. Usually, plastic carriers unlatch in the middle portion so that lifting its lid can be easy. It is better to avoid carriers with Velcro and zippers closures as cats can easily break them. 

  • Maintenance 

Pet owners ensure that they clean the cat carrier regularly, especially before and after its use. So, it is better to choose a carrier that is easy to clean. Choose a carrier that can be washed with warm water and mild soap or vacuumed easily. You can also look for a cat carrier with removable padding. It is easy to wash it by using a pet-safe laundry detergent. 

  • Cost 

At EasyMart, you can find cat carriers for all budgets, and you can choose the right one based on your budget. You can easily find an affordable but high-quality carrier for the safety of your feline friend.

A cat carrier bag is certainly an essential travel accessory for your pet that makes your feline friend comfortable and safe while in transit. Shop online in new zealand a large collection of pet carriers and other accessories at EasyMart for improving the life of your pet. 

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