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Amigo Cord Beige Blue



Amigo cord beige-blue brings to you the best of quality, best dog leash, which comes in trendy bright shades and adds a cheery touch to your everyday walks, with this Amigo retractable, best dog leash, you can change the cover with a simple click, so you up to date with other dog accessories as well. This Amigo cord blue has retractable dog lead that is completely designed in Italy and at the same time, it is easy to use. There are also three different functions inside such as free sliding, temporary stop, and permanent block. The internal mechanism is superb and long-lasting, fluid and silent and the ergonomic handle keeps everything under control and provides a safe grip, making it comfortable for hands. This leash will prove to be the best dog leash for you, and you will feel a good experience after using it, it is providing you both quality and comfort and its quality is also praiseworthy. AMIGO cord blue leads are made from high-quality material, and their quality gives you a guarantee.


  • These AMIGO cord blue leads came with the superior build quality 
  • The cord blue leads have three different functions like free sliding, temporary stop, permanent block
  • This AMIGO CORD lead is easy to use and with a single control button 
  • These cord blue leads are manufactured with great care and high-quality materials 
  • AMIGO's best dog leash is completely designed inside Italy, and high-quality materials have been used to make it