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Daytona Collar

Color: Black


Daytona collars are nylon-padded martingale dog collars that will be super comfortable for the dog's neck. Besides, it also comes with soft padding alongside the foldable system. What makes it even better is that you can get a metal buckle with it.

Ferplast is an Italian family company founded in 1966 by Carlo Vaccari who is still the President of the Board of Directors. Ferplast is now run by his son and has grown to be one of the largest pet product suppliers in Europe. Despite being large, Ferplast has an incredibly strong focus on the needs of their customer, who they consider to be petted. They are known for cutting edge, innovative products, have many patented designs. They really think about what they do and are often the leaders of new trends. Ferplast reinvests 7% of their annual turnover into R&D and produces over 90% of their products themselves. In terms of the environment, Ferplast uses non-toxic materials, recycles as much production waste as possible, sources wood from responsibly managed forests, and has begun a company-wide sustainability project called GreenSun to minimize environmental impact.

Ferplast has an enormous range of products and we have selected the products that we think have a real point of difference or are just so clever and well designed that we couldn’t help ourselves!


  • Daytona collar is a particularly styled unit, and so you can rest assured that the collar will be the funky patterned unit with a contrasting material on the inside for coordinating the matching range of the leads. 
  • The hurtta dog collar is available in blue-black and purple, thus making them quite attractive. 
  • If you're looking for a quality hurtta dog collar piece that will last for a long time, then this is the one that you should pick.
  • The company always manufactures units with a strong focus on the needs of the customer .besides, when you are using it for the pet you can rest assured that they won't be feeling tired of that the cutting-edge innovative product that comes in the particular design. 
  • Ensure giving top-notch comfort to your canine companion. Besides, this is a unit that will be keeping away the environmental impact over a long time. The wide range of products from this company has made sure that you can get a reliable piece for your dog. 
  • What makes unit is special featured size like small c15/35: 27-35cm 15mm, medium c20/43: 35-43cm 20mm, large c25/45: 37-45cm 25mm, extra-large c25/53: 45-53cm 25mm.