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Daytona Lead

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Color: Black


Dogs are the most reliable friends to humans. So, it is very necessary for us to take care of them. Because there is a huge threat of traffic on roads which can be very dangerous for your dog. Therefore, to avoid such dangers, we brought you this amazing puppy collar and lead. This Flexi dog lead is very comfortable for the dog because it is brilliantly made up of nylon with a soft collar and a padded handle. Not only does this make it comfortable but also makes it more durable and provides a safer grip. Additionally, this puppy collar lead is available in different stunning color variants which you can opt for according to the fur color of your dog. Additionally, harnesses are also available with these puppy collars and lead. These Flexi dog leads are available in different size variants too which allows you to get your dog’s desired lead. Therefore, get this amazing Flexi dog lead now as it is available for a great deal.


  • It is made up of high-quality nylon which provides better grip, durability, and resistance 
  • The Flexi dog lead has a soft collar and padded handle which makes it more comfortable 
  • Harnesses are also available with this Daytona lead 
  • 3 color variants are available with 2 size variants 
  • Dimensions are - MEDIUM G15/120: 15mm x L 120cm and LARGE G20/120: 20mm x L 120cm