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Ergocomfort Collar

Color: Red


Be ready to get ferplast's ergo comfort collar and leash for your dog's neck and it will be quick and easy to put on. Besides gentle leader collar comes with the micro decorating safety fastening system that can help in acting for the dog's comfort. You can get the availability of the different sized models that can make it even a more comfortable piece.


  • This is the quality dog collar padded for the dog with the durable kind of material composition that can ensure becoming tough, durable material.
  • The remarkable part is that the pad of the dog collar padded is the ergonomic unit along with the handle that will be ensuring a strong grip and offer maximum comfort to your hands. 
  • What makes it even better for you is that you can get the availability of the pieces in the different colors with different sizes for matching your dog and not causing any irritation to it 
  • If you're looking for an attractive accessory alongside the specific design and the adjustment according to the neck of the dogs then it's worth picking this collar. 
  • The maximum comfort that you get to your dog will make sure that you don't have to regret investing your money into the quality piece that you have just bought. 
  • Small c15/33: 25 x 33cm 15mm, medium c15/42: 34 x 42cm 15mm, large c25/51: 43 x 43cm 25mm are some of the sizes available.