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Ergocomfort Lead

Color: Blue


It is very necessary to take complete care of the god. This is because dogs are just like kids and are very naughty. Therefore, in most cases, they leave the house when they are not tied. Also, when you take them on a walk, they tend to roam here and there. But it can be very dangerous as there is a lot of traffic on the roads. Therefore, is it very essential to get your dog tied to a belt? Not only it ensures safety of it but also keeps them aligned and controlled. Therefore, we brought you this amazing ergo comfort dog lead. This amazing dog lead is made up of high-quality materials which provide it enormous strength and durability. But the most amazing part is that it does not harm or irritate the dog. This is because it has got a very comfortable collar. Also, there is a padded ergonomic handle, designed to ensure a secure grip and maximum comfort for your hands. No bar for what size does your dog have, we have different size variants available of this dog lead. So, what are you waiting for? Get this ergo comfort dog lead now at an amazing price.

  • This dog lead has very high longevity and durability, as it is made up of high-quality material 
  • Very comfortable for dogs as the collar region, does not create rashes over the dog’s collar 
  • Padded ergonomic handle available, designed to ensure a secure grip and maximum comfort for your hands 
  • Different size variants are available. Dimensions of those are- SMALL G15/120: 15 X 120cm MEDIUM G20/120 20 X 120cm LARGE G25/120 25 X 120cm