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Furminator Tool - Small Animal



Furminator small animal is the unit that is recommended by Veterinarians for the prevention of dangerous hairballs from developing. Besides, furminator long hair small cat can also ensure effectively reducing excess shedding without causing any harm to the sensitive skin. With this tool, you can also get the ejector button cleaning and removing loose hair l with ease. It also helps in reducing shedding better than other brushes, rake, or comb. The groomer can use this tool to get professional results.


  • Tool - Small Animal by Furminator remove any coat that is shed from the pet's skin 
  • Takes care of topcoat (guard hair) 
  • Using 10-20 minutes each session twice a week removes the undercoat and loose hair.
  •  Protective edge cover on the de-shedding tool gives better maintenance 
  • Remove mats or tangles 
  • Prevention of hairballs from developing 
  • Effective reduction of the loose hair without harming sensitive skin 
  • Stainless steel edge goes deep beneath topcoat to remove undercoat 
  • Furejector button cleans loose hair 
  • Shorter ergonomic handle that can offer versatility 
  • Professional results with the better approach