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goDog retrieval Ultimate Disc Large

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Our puppy teething toy is quite effective and plays an important role to relieve the puppy's discomfort. Our best puppy teething toy is specially designed keeping in mind the teething puppies so that they can be busy with this. With the help of this excellent quality toy, your dog will not wander around unnecessarily and its body will also be healthy after playing with it. Dogs are fond of chewing by their nature and with the help of our puppy teething toy, this requirement of your pet dog is easily fulfilled. Our best-quality puppy teething toy is made with chew guard technology and is perfect for your puppy. Chewing these toys will not harm your puppy and there will be no harm to her health. This high-quality puppy teething toy also uses durable eco-friendly, phthalate-free tubing around the edge which further confirms its quality. Our dog chew toy comes with one of the best two color options, Blue and Yellow. Your dog can easily see both of these colors and as soon as they see it, they will be busy with this toy and their health will also be maintained. If you also love your dog then definitely buy this toy.
  • This puppy teething treat is a durable toy for puppies
  •  This puppy teething toy comes in a domed shape
  •  You will enjoy these puppy teething treats and it is also healthy exercise for your dog
  • This is the best chew toy that comes with puppGuard technology
  •  Our puppy teething treats have a textured and durable surface for easy pickup
  •  The ultimate puppy teething toy disk is made with durable eco-friendly, phthalate-free tubing around the edge
  •  And because of phthalate-free tubing, it is soft on your dog’s teeth and gums
  • These best teething toys for puppies are available in blue and yellow colors
  •  These both blue and yellow colors are easy for dogs to see