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IOD Spray Brush

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IOD Spray Brush works to prevent hair damage. Besides, IOD Spray Brush reduces shedding, static. It can maintain a silky, healthy coat to stay cleaner, longer. IOD de-matting spray for dogs comes Blended with coconut oil to improve overall skin and coat condition. Extensions, with a natural odour-neutralising complex of dog brush spray, extend freshness and keeps pets smelling better.


  • Fresh orchid and cotton blend fragrance 
  • Extension component keeping the fragrance and freshness for a longer time
  • Odour neutralizing spray is highly Suitable for dogs 
  • Coconut oil infusion with Cotton and Fresh Orchid fragrance (a signature Isle of Dogs scent)
  • Non-toxic, paraben-free formula that is safe to use with flea products 
  • Spray directly onto your pet's coat 
  • Strengthened, Refreshed, and Protected ambiance 
  • Help keep away dry, itchy skin and works as a protective barrier on the skin