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Jungle Talk Jungle Jingle Acrylic Bird



Fruit-flavored colorful beads and rings of the Jungle Talk can be the best fit for long-term use. Overall, this toy is designed for bird's chewing needs and the Maintainance of a healthy beak. Satisfaction with their climbing and exercise needs also makes it the best. This is the best acrylic bird toy for keeping your bird healthy and stress-free. Fun bell toy of the chain is a must-have portion. Overall, bird toys nz works as an interactive bird toy that proves to be easy to install in the cage.


  • Small-sized unit is 23x3.5cm while Medium unit is 27x6cm 
  • Dimensions are 35x6.5cm 
  • Material is Wood, acrylic 
  • Wood beads are Fruit-flavored, and there are colorful acrylic rings 
  • Fun bell toy will be available at the bottom 
  • Bird toy that is Interactive and stimulating 
  • Satisfaction of chewing and climbing needs 
  • Encouragement of beak maintenance and exercise 
  • Discouraging biting and stress 
  • Long hours of chewing fun