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Jungle Talk Natural Branch



Natural Branch is great for caged birds' physical health. The natural shape of tree branches for sale makes it good for your bird's feet. 35H x 13L x 1.5-3W cm unit proves to be the best for providing up-to-date product information, including ingredients, size, and color specifications. Branches of trees are ideally suited for birds. The long-lasting wood core of the cherry blossom branch, which is very hard, proves to be the fun, shreddable outer bark that birds love.


  • High-quality branch • Smell is wonderful 
  • Natural and imperfect to let your bird stay safely 
  • Uneven surface challenge legs to get 
  • Easy to hang up 
  • Perfect for multiple budgies 
  • Enough room for resting and sitting on the branch. 
  • Natural and safe for birds to chew
  •  Different options are available that come pre-attached for even more fun. 
  • Sturdy in its construction for active playtime