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Jungle Talk Natural Millet & Treat Holder



Natural Millet & Treat Holder minimizes the mess by keeping treats in one location. Now it will be easier to keep birds busy and stimulated. Get the relaxation all day long. Natural Millet & Treat Holder is suitable for cockatiels, parakeets, and small birds. All-natural materials composition makes the treat holder even better. Millet & Treat Holder provides daily stimulation. Besides, it helps minimize mess. Up-to-date product information, including ingredients, size, and color specifications, ensures that you won't have to face issues while buying Millet & Treat Holder. You can also get the effectiveness on the packaging and product features of bully stick holder petsmart.


  • The Natural Millet & Treat Holder provides daily physical and mental stimulation. 
  • It is a durable unit for all caged birds  Attaches easily to any cage 
  • Fun nibbling unit that keeps birds stimulated and happy. 
  • Encourage interaction, foraging, exploration, and chewing 
  • Allows bird to practice the natural skill of grasping, holding, and manipulating objects 
  • Must-have interactive bird toy that is easy to install
  • An easy-to-use holder minimizes the mess by keeping treats neatly in one place. 
  • Daily stimulation can keep the bird healthy. 
  • Perfect cage accessory made of natural materials