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Nature's Miracle House-Breaking Spray 236ml



Pet attractant scents are the ones that can act as a signal telling r dog that it is okay. Nature's Miracle House Breaking Spray can also work the best on the spot that you have sprayed. This is the best quality spray that can work in the form of a long-lasting concentrated formula. You can use it for both indoor and outdoor training and also help in the reduction of the time necessary for housebreaking your dog. Nature's Miracle House Breaking can also help with the learning style when you're choosing a training method.


  • Potty Training House-Breaking Spray specially formulated for training dogs to relieve
  • Pheromonal scents that also proves to be detectable by a dog's delicate senses 
  • Fit for use both indoor and outdoor use 
  • The concentrated formula ensures working in the form of long-lasting effects aiding in reducing housebreaking time. 
  • Attractive pheromone scent ensures reduction of time required for housebreaking your dog
  • Encouraging dogs to "go" where they're willing to urinate 
  • Long-lasting results and the kits are durable