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Natures Miracle Lavender Scent Stain And Odur Remover 946ml

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Now get the high-quality Litter Box Odor Destroyer that can get you good quality for a fresh, clean environment. Trigger Spray creates an environment that you can let the pet enjoy. Breakthrough formula Litter Box Odor Destroyer reacts with unpleasant cat odors that can help to break them down. It can clean the surface than simply masking odors. Miracle Litter Box smell Destroyer is safe to use. You can use Natures Miracle Litter Box Odor Destroyer on all litter substrates and be sure about not causing clumping


  • Remove cat stains and odors while freshening with a Lavender scent 
  • The bacteria-based formula for the production of enzymes in contact with the biomaterial 
  • Tough on cat urine, vomit, drool feces 
  • Can work the best with other organic stains and odors. 
  • produces enzymes to target spot stains and odors
  • Safe to use on hard floors, furniture, carpets, fabrics, and more. 
  • Long-lasting fragrance and freshness