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Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Trq



Be ready to challenge the pup to find and unlock the treats inside. Treat-dispensing games like brain teasers for dogs train and teaches dog. You can expect that to happen through sequential steps. Dog game is different from more entry-level dog games and intermediate dog puzzles. A smarter option for pet parents is easy to engage and excite dogs. Obstacles and new features keep dogs happily learning side.


  • Built-in play pieces with dog brain teaser toys are non-removable and never tend to come out when your dog plays with them. 
  • Unique Dog Casino dog game trains the dog to become good at solving puzzles, introducing them to a new challenge. 
  • LEVEL 3 challenge with the challenge slider dog puzzle proves to be the best idea for dogs of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Challenging play makes it even better. 
  • for better engagement, you can choose to mix some canned/wet dog food. 
  • focussed on challenging your dog’s brain makes it the superior quality unit.
  • simply remove treats/kibble and hand wash with warm soapy