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Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Orange

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Nina Ottosson Dog Smart Orange will be challenging the dog for the discovery of the treat through problem-solving and offer the exciting in Reverse. The dog puzzle finds an instrument to the flush with the help of the elevated levels for the different types of challenges. Whenever the dog starts playing with it, then there will be the chances of it relying on it and getting elevated moments of thrills. Holding the food is one of the best parts of this best puppy training treats unit because it will also be holding the wet or dry food. You can get the level 1 challenge with these exciting and challenging puzzles. How to play with high value puppy treats mentions that you will have to place the trait in the compartment of the base. Now just cover the treat compartments with the bone. The more the compartments that get covered, the harder the game becomes. You can play with your dog because this is going to become challenging for the dog's brain. You will have to just supervise whenever it is playing. It can help in exercising the mind and the body of the dog. It is also easy to clean.


  • Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games is completely focused on challenging a dog’s brain. You can also supervise the dog when playing.
  • Teach the dog to use the puzzle. 
  • Exercise for mind and body is possible with this unit. The Dog games and dog puzzles by Nina Ottosson challenge prove to be enhancing the dog’s mental stimulation due to fun and play. 
  • Easy to clean unit is amazing as you can simply remove all threats. Then you can just wash it with warm soapy water, rinse clean, and dry. 
  • Difficulty Level 1 (Easy) is applicable for the dogs 
  • One Size (Large) is the serving 
  • This is the perfect unit that helps to fight boredom