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Nina Ottosson Dog Twister purple



The interactive Nina Ottosson Dog Twister toy comes with treat drawers for the dogs that will be secured in place. Besides, what makes it even better is that the puppy will be loving enjoying it for the treat. The puzzle-loving dogs will love the idea of playing with it for extended periods while struggling to get the treat.


  • Advanced level fun makes it better because of the design for the advanced levels of problem-solving abilities. 
  • Slide pull and lock of Nina Ottosson Tornado to hide treat section proves to be the best 
  • You can get the availability of the design that will be making it easier for unlocking the blocks and moving them to reveal the treat 
  • The movable parts of Nina Ottosson Tornado are easy to clean, which is one of the best features of this unit 
  • What makes it even better is that you will be getting the durable construction, thus allowing it helps the dog toy to stay intact and also go ahead with the new to go treat puzzle 
  • The BPA PVC-free material composition makes it better for the dog's health. You can get safe materials that you can trust for the dog.