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Outward Hound Bionic Urban Stick

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Outward hound bionic is the one that will be having the creation of the spiral motion and will be great for the medium distance throwing. Suppose you're looking for the contour ridge while creating the thrills while throwing. The uneven surface is something that the dogs love chewing on it, then the system that you should choose. In addition to being the great throw toy that you love the most, then this is the ultra-durable shooter that will be perfect enough for the dog in the form of the tough toy. Besides that, this is the stick for dog that will be having an open center that will be stuffed with the treat. Whenever it is time for giving the dog the perfect meal, you can get the availability of the quality piece in different sizes, and it will also be ergonomically designed for making sure that the dog will be loving biting it. The dog will be getting stronger by the creation of the four specific design variations of the new toy. You can rest assured about giving the dog the perfect unit for playtime. Besides, interactive dog toys can also give you the highest level of durability for the range of dog sizes.


  • this is the Ergonomically shaped toy 
  • It can fit the curvature of a dog mouth
  • This is the toy that comes with the Ridges providing a chewy feel 
  • It is quite Perfect for aggressive chewers 
  • Open center stuffed with treats 
  • it keeps Floating and Holds Treats 
  • the toy is Up to 65% Stronger 
  • FDA Food grade material makes this toy even better 
  • Dishwasher Safe unit is the best
  • Small is 20cm x 5.51cm x 4.4cm 
  • Large is 25.6cm x 7.01cm x 5.69cm 
  • Playtime for the dog based unit