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Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel



The squirrel squeaky dog toy version of the puppies proves to be a favorite pastime and turns out to be the squeaky Squirrel unit that will be presenting the soft tree trunk. Besides, you can consider washing the Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel out one by one. It can keep on going with the same game. All you have to do is just power them up in rounds again and again. The squirrels will be loving playing with this Unit. Now become bound to buy the best friend's favorite unit with the lovable hide squirrel toys that are durable and also designed to perfectly for engaging the puppies. With the varied range of shapes, sounds as well as overall aesthetics, the puppy will be having great fun with this unit.


  • The squeaky squirrels with the durable tree trunk shape can come in the form of the game of fun Hide and Seek unit
  • The large and jumbo size, including the three squirrels, turns out to be the best idea 
  • The large unit is 6 inches length x 6 inches width x 7 inches in height
  • The jumbo unit is 7 inches length x 7 inches width x 8 inches in height