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Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Treat Tumble

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Color: Pink/Yellow


If you want to give your dog the treat in the finest place while also Training it for the meals, it's time to pick this outward hound treat tumble unit. All you will have to do is just fill the treat. Having fun with the help of the unit can make it easier for the favorite treats for the dog to pass. What makes it even better is that it will come with high-end durability and will be giving the food to the dog for watching him play perfectly. This is the puzzle that will keep the dog engaged for a long time, and it will be spending its time figuring out how to release the treat. Isn't that a fun idea?

So be ready to gift your dog the perfect dog brick unit for exercising the mind and the body. This is the perfect unit that comes in the form of the dog puzzle and the dog game that will be challenging the dog. This is the problem-solving skills-based unit that will be enhancing the mental stimulation of the dog with the help of the fun and play session.


  • Dog brick will come with the indoor and outdoor fun session and will be the perfect fit Tumble that is fit for the dog games
  • The fun for the dog makes it even better. You can get the strong and sturdy construction with it that will be of a coming with the surface available for wiping, thus making the dog game ideal for the Indoor as well as the outdoor fun
  • What makes it even better is that you can get the availability of the level 1 challenge that will be perfect for the introduction to the dog while giving it a fun game. The level 1 small treat will be working perfectly for working as a perk for your puppy. The puppy will feel interested in the puzzle and will build the perfect environment for getting more fun when it is playing with challenging games.
  • You can play together with your puppy when you have this challenging brain puzzle. All you have to do is supervise when it is playing because this is the toy that you will have to handle by yourself for teaching the dog about how to use the puzzle.
  • Play with it and have fun but remember you will have to put it away once you have completed your playtime with the dog.
  • It is easy to clean, and maintenance is also easy .all you will have to do is just clean it using water and mild soap.