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Outward Hound Ripstop Life Jacket



Dogs love to swim and we love to keep them safe. The dog life jacket provides a comfortable and secure fit for tons of fun in the water. The dog life vest near me has a high-performance dog floatation device for boating, water sport adventures, and activities with dogs. Whether your dog splashed near the shore or plays in the waves, the jacket was made to be noticed. Boasting high visibility coloring and multiple reflective strips you will be able to quickly identify your dog in and out of the water. Whether your dog is a seasoned water dog or is preparing for its first swim, a dog life jacket helps them go further and play longer. The dog life jacket is constructed with extra durable materials that provide comfortable buoyancy in the water and does not restrict their movement on land. A front neck float help keeps their and head and neck above the water while a neoprene belly band securely supports their chest and stomach. Buy it now for the best deal.


  • Dog life vest near me upholstered with high-quality material and performance gear that will keep your pup safe for every new adventure 
  • The unique easy grab handle design is constructed to add strength and durability for pulling dogs out of the water 
  • Quick-release buckles and chest straps keep the jacket secure on your dog while they are in the water 
  • The jacket comes with high visibility colors and multiple reflective strips which keeps your dog safe and secure 
  • It has adjustable straps and a neoprene belly band for a comfortable and secure fit
  • The jacket comes with front floats that keep your pup’s head above water


  • X-Small- Weight = 5-15 lbs, length = 8.5+ inches, neck = 6-8 inches, chest = 11-15 inches
  • Small- Weight = 15-30 lbs, length = 10.5+ inches, neck = 8-10 inches, chest = 16-20 inches
  • Medium- Weight = 30-55 lbs, length = 12.5+ inches, neck = 10-14 inches, chest = 21-27 inches
  • Large- Weight = 55-85lbs, length = 14.5+ inches, neck = 14-18 inches, chest = 28-32 inches
  • X-Large- Weight = 85-100lbs, length = 19.5+ inches, neck = 13.5+ inches, chest = 33-40 inches