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Outward Hound Splash Bombz



Outward Hound Splash Bombz is the best toy that will be guaranteed for making your puppy or dog feel like soaking in the fun environment. The remarkable part is that it will be keeping your dog engaged for a long time and won't give you the chance of feeling bored at all. This is a customized shape unit that makes it so different from the rest you will be getting in the market. So be ready to get the perfect cool happy, and amplified environment for your puppy. The dog treat maze is hydrated with the help of the interactive kit. So it can give the Unstoppable fun. All you will have to do is just add some water and get the fun moment for your puppy.


  • Dog treat maze will be building the interactive water splashing fun for the puppy.
  • It can keep your puppy cool, hydrated as well as happy for a long time. 
  • It can keep floating in the water continuously
  • Balls - 5l x 5w x 3h
  • Ring - 9.5l x 7w x 2h
  • Bone - 7.75l x 5w x 2.5h