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Pawz & Clawz Kitty Litter Tray



Get the high-quality Pawz & Clawz Kitty cat litter tray with lid that is toughened plastic, easy to clean, and has a handy removable rim. The high rim has high edges that prevent litter from getting kicked outside of the tray. A sturdy hardened plastic composition that is easy to clean makes this tray one of the best. Sized 50 x 40 x 22 cm with the PP material composition, this is the best cat litter tray that is safe for your cat to lick. The cat-friendly design gives ensures providing the cat with the feeling of security. Toughness to withstand all those adorable tantrums makes the unit the best for cats. The spacious unit accommodates a 20kg cat. Give the privacy for the potty time with the litter box. Easy to clean and maintain will be the essential product for all cat parents.


  • Material is Toughened plastic. 
  • Small litter tray with rim dimensions is 42cm x 32cm x 12 cm 
  • Large litter tray with rim dimensions is 47cm x 39cm x 15 cm
  • High rim litter tray dimensions is 50cm x 40cm x 22 cm 
  • Extra Large litter tray with rim dimensions is 56cm x 44cm x 15 cm