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Pawz & Clawz Poop Holder and bags

Color: Grey


What makes Pawz & clawz poop holder and bags better are that this is a durable unit that will be lasting for a long time. You will get the ideal compostable dog poop bags piece that comes with the opportunity of refilling the bag. Easily fastening the holder makes it easy for you to go ahead with leasing.


  • The Pawz & clawz poop holder turns out to be a sturdy unit that is made of durable plastic that will be making sure that it is environment safe 
  • With it, you will be getting the key benefit in the manner that refilling the unit turns out to be easier
  • Over the years, this product has got best used for active dogs, older dogs, larger dogs, puppies as well as a smaller dogs. 
  • It is easy to clean, easy to use, and efficient 
  • If you're looking for the perfect unit that will be thicker while not making your hand feel tired, then this is the one that will be lasting for the perfect time. 
  • Efficiency marks how useful this product can be for your long-term benefits.