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Pet Links Mystery Motion Concealed Motion



Pet Links Mystery Motion Concealed Motion is the original concealed motion cat toy that offers the concealed wand for spinning around. This is a durable sheet Smartykat Electronic Motion Cat Toy that will be working as the toy Mouse dashes underneath. Such a movement makes Mystery Motion Cat Toy even better. It also comes with a four-speed for the added variety. That said, your cat will love this unit because it will be stimulating playtime and is a durable toy.


  • Petlinks Mystery Motion is an electronic unit 
  • There is the availability of the 4-speed motion 
  • The feathers wand will be lasting long 
  • It comes inclusive of 1 base, one skirt, and the one feathered toy 
  • This is the unit that is specially customized only for cats 
  • The material composition is around 35% polyester fabric, 37% plastic base, 5% plastic Mouse attachment, 20% electronic motor, and that 3% chicken feathers 
  • The color availability is grey-blue and green 
  • 4 Speeds Lets Customizing The Fun 
  • Unpredictable Motions Replicating The Movement Of Hidden Prey 
  • Outer casing from recycled plastic 
  • Plastic Parts composed of Recycled Plastic 
  • Replacement wands available with the set 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee with the product