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Have you will look for a cat toy that will be a fun moment for your cat? If yes, then just choose it because it will be turning on its own and also finds placement on the floor. The quiet motor makes electronic interactive cat toys even better and will be enough for producing good vibrations for making the cat feel curious whenever she starts to play. Then it will be easy to lift, Spin, roll and also make the cat enjoy. It also ensures giving safety alongside the satisfaction of the cat. Be ready to give the Instinct to drive to The Hunt when you have this cat toy. It can also work for the encouragement of the exercise while engaging the cat perfectly. The cat will love the moment of Chasing, pouncing, and leaping.


  • The cat toys that move unit presents Quick, erratic movements imitating real prey 
  • This is the toy that fulfils your cat need for solo play 
  • This is perfect with the safety standards for satisfaction of your cat's instinctive drive to hunt 
  • The toy encourages exercise, even with inactive cats 
  • It requires 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Remember that the product is for pets only. Since it contains small parts, Keep it out of reach of children. Also, supervise when the cat is playing with this toy. Remove parts that are loose or detached.