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Petstages Cool Teething Stick

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Dogs love chewing very much and also it is a very healthy activity for them, but in case if they chew something bad, it can be very dangerous for them. Therefore, it is very necessary to give them something which keeps them occupied in chewing and having fun without any threat to them. So, here are dental chew sticks for dogs that have very high longevity and durability. These dental sticks for dogs are the best gifts you can give to your teething dog with inflamed gums. Additionally, these dental sticks for small dogs can be frozen to soothe gums and satisfy the urge to chew. Also, it becomes very crunchy when frozen. If you add some streamers, flags, and ribbons to it, it becomes more appealing and interesting for the dog to play with. No bar for what size your dog has, these dental chew sticks for dogs can be used by all types of dogs. Therefore, get this amazing wood chewing stick now as it is available at a fascinating price.


  • The dental sticks can be equipped with ribbons, streamers, and flags which make them more appealing 
  • It has a very strong build quality and has a higher longevity
  • When frozen, it makes an amazing crunchy sound during chewing which dogs love very much 
  • Keeps the dog occupied for hours and helps to fight them against boredom and aggressive behaviour 
  • Suitable to be used by all types of dogs 
  • Outer shell freezes to provide soothing relief for tender gums