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Petstages Easy Life Hammock

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Petstages easy life hammock is the unit that proves to be sturdy, and also the basic hammock that can work the best with the favorite perch and scratching post. Besides, this is the unit that comes with the 2-in-1 scratch & nap. Overall, this is the prominent hammock cat easy life scratcher made from sturdy corrugated cardboard that ensures providing giving the safe base for lounging kitties that can ensure helping the cat take rest and keep claws trimmed.


  • This is the petstages easy life hammock that proves to be compact & easy to assemble. With this unit, you can get the unique "X" design of the easy life hammock. 
  • This is the unit that comes with the easy to assemble and will come with the two corrugated pieces that slide together to fit. 
  • This is the unit that ensures encouragement of positive scratching habits. This is the unit that mimics the feel of real bark. 
  • Overall, this is the unit that comes with the extra thick corrugated cardboard. You will appreciate the easy life hammock cat scratcher designed to keep the kitty's attention off furniture. 
  • This is the unit that comes with the catnip included. The unit is the best that can help keep curious kitties interested. That said, the cat tree with hammock for large cats units are there to keep the cats comfortable and engaged.