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Petstages Twinkle Ball

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A quiet, fun way to keep a kitty entertained at night. Cats who love staying in the wild are the last nocturnal Hunters. Besides, they have a preference for dawn and dusk. Whenever they are playing, they tend to become more active. So if you're looking for the perfect said that would be giving them the playtime fantastically, then this is the unit that you should give them. A crinkle ball cat toy is the perfect play toy for your feline companion. Cat toy ball that moves becomes more active at sunset. So you want to give the domestic cat the natural Instinct while making it play full throughout the night, then this is the one that you should gift it.


  • Enjoy watching the cat playing with a ball. This is the toy that is Soft and proves to be the quiet material for nighttime play. 
  • Flashing light is touch activated makes the cat feel energetic. 
  • Get the toy that will be working the best during the daytime too. 
  • Great to chase and bat kind of the play unit 
  • Remove clear tab that can activate flashing light.