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SmartyKat FeatherWhirl Motion Ball

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Smartykat feather whirl Motion Ball is the best environmentally responsible unit that comes with the Whisper quiet motor. Besides, it will never be scaring the cat. The outer casing that is made of recycled plastic makes it even better. What you love the most is that an environmentally responsible company uses smart strategies for designing the products perfectly. Over the years, cat toys that move have proved to be the high-end brand that always produces environmentally products for the pets to love. Besides they are better than the conventional products. Made with renewable resources, it turns out to be the organic certified ingredient-based product for your feline companion. The innovative product with the stylish touch to it proves to be even better affordable. There is a combination of the perfect Vibes for the enjoyment of the pet. The weighted base of the product also makes it the automatic unit that will be wobbling motion while also spinning. You will love this product that turns out to be the Whisper-quiet motor and turns out to be one easy tap button kind of unit. It is guaranteed to become one of your favorite toys. Now the pet parents will love this toy that turns out to be the best for standing out in terms of environmental responsibility. It can also match the safety standards of the pet and children with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you are looking for a product that shows good quality features, then you should pick this one.


  • Erratically spinning feathers fascinate cats for the maximum fun hours.
  • The unpredictable play pattern in this unit ensures keeping the cats interested and encourages healthy activity. You can get that engagement through play. 
  • A whisper-quiet motor ensures that it won't scare cats. 
  • Replacement wands are available with them for comfort. 
  • Outer casing Ball made with recycled plastic. 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures better comfort.