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Sport Dog Collar

Color: Blue


You will get the availability of the thick and soft padding with a sport dog collar in the fluorescent colors unit. It is designed completely for fitting the dog perfectly because you can get a comfortable and secure fit with this Sport Dog Collar. That said, it is a collar that will also be featuring the reflective design as well as the sturdy fastening. What is incredible in this dog training collars unit is that it helps the tag between the outer material as well as the inner lining, thus making it the perfect unit for the opportunity of giving comfort to your pet. 


  • Ferplast dog training collars have a composition of nylon and 
  • Particularly sporty design with thick, soft padding 
  • Fluorescent colors make it attractive. 
  • Fit your dog perfectly with a secure fit 
  • The collar features reflective stitching with a tag between the outer material and the padding. On that, you can fix the dog name or address. 
  • Best fit unit for dogs of all sizes 
  • Collar available in various sizes 
  • Solid metal ring with a secure anchor to attach additional units 
  • SMALL C15/35: 27-35cm 15mm 
  • MEDIUM C20/43: 35-43cm 20mm 
  • LARGE C25/45: 37-47cm 25mm 
  • EXTRA LARGE C25/55: 45-55cm 25mm