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cat scratching

Cat Scratching: Ways to Save your Furniture

Cats scratch surfaces; if you didn't know that, it's alright; this post might be for you. Cats are pretty great, but the only problem with keeping them as pets is that they might scratch your furniture. There are reasons for this behavior. Cats use scratching as a kind of communication with other cats.

Cats may communicate with one another via scratching by releasing odors and visual cues through their paws. While scratching is necessary for a cat's survival and has many other uses, it can be highly harmful to humans. Yet with a little effort, a cat could be taught to avoid your chairs and rugs and to focus its clawing on only certain items.

Why Scratches My Cat That Much?

It would help if you understood why your cat scratches your stuff before attempting to teach it to cease. Cats use surface scratching to -

  • Flex their bodies: Cats must regularly exercise their limbs, which they may accomplish by scratching. In addition, cats have smell glands between their paws to mark their territory. The glands produce smells that they might use to mark the limits of their territory whenever they scratch anything.
  • Maintain sound claws: Your cat may remove the old layers off the tips of its claws by scratching. Their claws remain healthy and pointy as a result.
  • To reduce tension: Cats may release tension by scratching, and it also helps them avoid harmful habits like reckless excrement.

Can cats be taught to refrain from scratching furniture?

Positive: yeah! Cats can be taught not to scrape your furniture, even though specialists don't think they can be taught to scrape. Unfortunately, as clawing is a natural urge that aids cats there in the wild, as was already explained, your beloved cat acts like a cat. And yet, there are techniques to control their tendencies, so do not fear.

How can You stop the cat from scuffing up the furniture?

preventing cat scratching on furniture (infographic)

It isn't enjoyable when your cat makes their mark on your floor, furniture, or window treatments. Fortunately, these tried-and-true rules and guidelines will prevent cats from scratching home furnishings:

  • Avoid declawing your cat

Declawing also isn't advised for cats. The last bone within each creature's toes must be removed during surgery to stop the claws from growing back. Many experts believe it's inhumane treatment and can lead to behavior problems such as biting, refusing to use a litter box, and even cat anxiety.

  • Provide one different place to scratch

The apparent option is to purchase a scratching tree as an alternative focus if the cat tree nz is clawing to strengthen its claws. Put the scratching station near your cat's preferred spot and reward it by gently massaging the new post with your cat's claws. Scratching posts are made to encourage scratching activity. Therefore your cat would prefer this pole to any other domestic item. These can be easily bought at any pet store.

  • Spend some time playing and exercising with the cat

Most cats like getting recognition from their human pals but need help figuring out how to do it. For example, your cat may have realized that, while you overlook them when they utilize the scratch station, you will surely notice them if they paw at the expensive sofa set for a long time.

The cat's scratch issue could be lessened if you interact with them more frequently and give them tools. In addition, offering your cat lots of praise and recognition when it uses the designated scratching post could also control your cat's attitude.

  • Place the scraping post in the proper spot

Discovering the perfect scratched post will only make a difference if you conceal it. My cat hasn't been destroying your favorite chair out of retaliation; instead, that's because you devote a lot of time nearby. Cats would like to claim the busy rooms in the interiors as a personal territory because these are the spots where they receive positive attention from their humans, such as caressing, snuggling, and playing.

  • It would help if you didn't scold your cat over scratching

Although this part has a feline-like tone, discipline could function better for our cat companions. Instead, you'll likely succeed in agitating your cats since they won't associate your stern words or attitude with the scratching.

  • Try praising your cat instead for the behavior you like

Cats will be more inclined to use their scraping station in the coming days if you observe them employing it and delay until they've finished before rewarding them.

Cat Houses, Scratchers, and Trees: Cat Accessories

Cat Houses, Scratchers, and Trees nz

Cat "condos" and "trees" have several advantages, including that they give multi-cat families a shared place to designate territory. Ensure you are accommodating to your kitty friend's unique tastes before spending significant money purchasing or creating a post. For those cats who want to scratch down on furnishings, wedge-shaped board steps are available at a minimal cost. Erect posts called "cat tree" are available for kitties who prefer the full-body sensation.

The post's construction material is also crucial. Many cats enjoy the texture of jute rope-wound posts, and raw wood is also preferred since it closely resembles their favorite place to damage: a tree. Softwood boards or logs made of oak or cedar are quite popular. Avoid furniture with carpeting since it might be challenging to convince your cat that clawing "this" rug is acceptable but not "that" rug.

Order a modern cat tree, clawing posts, condo, or poles immediately.

If you possess cats, you know the advantages of getting cat trees. At first glance, a cat scratch tower might not appear like a required pet item. However, after reading this post, you want to buy a cat scratching post. It can be bought easily at EasyMart NZ. They have many posts and other best pet toys that can be useful for any pet owner. Buy a cat climbing tower or wooden cat tree easily and get cat trees for sale. They keep all the high-quality products that are on sale right now.

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