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Cat Grooming

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Buy the best cat grooming supplies products online 

Do you know how to groom your pet cat? Cats are clean animals, and they love to groom themselves. Most pet parents search for  fluffy grooming supplies in the Google search bar and find one to groom their pet cats. A professional groomer knows how to take care of a house cat and groom it well. But with the right grooming products like cat trimmer and conditioner, you can spoil your cat with a great grooming session. Browse the grooming accessories for cats online if you want to buy them for at-home grooming. 

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EasyMart is a one-stop solution for all types of pet grooming products. It is the best online platform in New Zealand, offering a wide range of vibrant grooming products and accessories for dogs and cats, including trimmers, brushes, combs, and many other items. Many pet owners find it the best online portal to buy grooming items for their pets. 

Maintain my cat’s coat by the best cat groomer near me  

Your cat has either long or short hair, and like most other cats, your pet may be proud of its appearance. It is interesting to know that cats spend around half of their waking hours preening for perfection. Cats know how to look after themselves and try to appear to perfection. But as a pet parent, you can groom your pet with some safe pet grooming products. Also, type fluffy grooming in Google Search Bar to find the best nearest salon to groom your feline friend. Else, you can buy pet grooming products like cat trimmers, conditioners, brushes, and other related products for at-home grooming. 

Cat grooming to keep the cat's coat lush 

Most people type fluffy grooming in the search engine to find the best pet salon for grooming sessions. Good grooming can remove dirt and grease from its body and keep its coat lush and shiny. Use a good rubber brush or metal comb from EasyMart to brush off the dead hair from its body. In addition, grooming can improve your bonding with your pet cat. Ensure to brush your kitty at least once a week. If it has longer hair, brushing a few times a week helps its coat glowing. 

Clip the fur of your kitty 

Usually, cats do not need to be trimmed or clipped fur. But in some cases, they need trimming or clipping, like if your cat has long matting fur. Such matting hair can lead to health problems. It is better to approach a professional groomer if you plan to clip its fur. Cats also need trimmed nails, and most people search for a grooming specialist by typing cat trimmer. They know how to cut my pet's nails without making it nervous.  

How to choose the right grooming accessory to trim your cat's nail 

Make sure to trim the nail of your pet cat every few weeks to prevent nail breaking and infection. You can type cat sanitary trim near me in the Google search engine bar to find a professional for pet grooming once in a while. Some of the things to remember while trimming your cat's nails are: 

  • Buy a nail clipper from EasyMart that is specially designed for cats. You can find an array of nail clippers with us. 
  • Ask your friend to hold your pet while you clip its nails or wrap it in a towel. It helps to prevent scratching. 
  • Trim its nails slowly and in a method to reduce the risk of hurting your pet. Hold the paw of your pet firmly and clip above the quick to avoid cutting blood vessels. It is better to cut its nail in a single stroke. 
  • Ensure to keep a clotting agent with you and use it if cut the quick accidentally.  
  • Never forget to give your kitty a treat after the clipping session.  
  • Providing a scratching post can satisfy their urge to scratch, which helps maintain their paw's health.  

Choose the best grooming brush 

You can find several brushes for cat grooming purposes and ensure to choose the right brush or comb for grooming. Choose the right one based on the length and texture of your cat's fur. Some of the types of brushes used for cat grooming are: 

  • Rubber brush: Suitable for skittish cats  
  • Bristle brush: Best for felines with sleek or short hair 
  • Slicker brush: It comes with metal tines and is suitable for all types of cats 
  • Pin brush: Suitable for all cats, especially for pets with medium and long hair 
  • Molting comb: Best suited for long-haired cats 
  • Grooming comb: Suitable for all cats to untangle their knots 

    Buy high-quality grooming products for pets from EasyMart. We have a wide range of products and accessories suitable for pet spas, salons, or at-home grooming of your cats and pooches at our e-commerce store online.    

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