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Cat Litter Box

  • PaWz 2.5kg Tofu Cat Litter Clumping F...

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    DESCRIPTION Fill up your cat’s self-cleaning litter box with some tofu cat litter. Clean it out every day. Every month do a full refresh of the lit...

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  • PaWz Foldable Cat Litter Box Tray Enc...

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    DESCRIPTION Trained your cat to use a litter box? Superb. That litter still gets kicked everywhere? Say goodbye to a mess! Our innovative kitty li...

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  • 6L Cat Litter Super Absorbent 100% Na...

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    DESCRIPTIONTaking care of your furry companions has become more streamlined, hygienic, and convenient than ever before. Our innovative design effor...

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  • Portable Cat LItter Box 2x 3L Cat Lit...

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    DESCRIPTION Now looking after furry family is neater, cleaner, and easier. Our clever design folds into a private hidey-hole when nature calls and ...

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Cat Litter: Get the Best for Your Pet

We, as humans, like to have things clean. We have different rooms assigned for different activities like washrooms. So do our pets also like to have a particular place assigned for excretion? Won't it be hygienic to let the cat feel they have some privacy, just like humans? If you are on board with the idea, we have different products for your cat.

Litter boxes are necessary for a cat, they need a clean place, and hygiene is as important for them as it is for humans. Don't neglect this aspect of a cat's life. They give cats designated, enclosed places to urinate and feces and make it simple for cat owners to tidy up after their pets.

However, you might feel that even with a litter box, you will be the one who will have to clean it so many times. We understand your plight. Pet owners also have a life that cannot allow them to focus on their pet's litter box. Thus, we have some advanced options too for them.

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Variety of Cat Litter Boxes

Earlier, we did not have options as pet owners. Many of them did not even think about having a litter box. But now, when we have that option, we should take full advantage of them. Even though it's regarded as necessary, most individuals rarely consider the litter box. Litter boxes may all appear the same, especially to novice cat owners.

In actuality, not every litter box is made equally. Cats may be picky when it comes to restroom facilities. What your cat likes about the litter container may be influenced by its shape, dimensions, depth, and other characteristics. So let's look at all options we have in the category of litter boxes at EasyMart NZ.

Portable Cat Litter Box

You can get one portable cat litter tray. Did you know this? Do you have a pet cat? Why not push that affection further and start lugging her about in her transportable litter box? This accompanies you anywhere.

Choosing a portable litter container that is simple to clean can make the process much simpler since, as we all understand, cleansing the litter box is rarely enjoyable. Opt for litter boxes with readily cleanable, flat surfaces and a top that may be quickly removed.

EasyMart NZ has a portable litter box option made of extremely absorbent Attapulgite Clay, which is free of chemicals and naturally produced, is 100% organic, and naturally soaks up additional fluid and unpleasant odors.

Automatic Cat Litter Box for Your Pet

Do you desire a litter box that will handle the cleanup for yourself? Cat litter is sorted and raked down in self-cleaning waste boxes, and trash is collected in a tiny space that is simple to empty. You don't have to go through the process of scraping the litter off the ground after this.

If you have to leave the cats home for a couple of days, they may also be effective. But as you'll perceive, there are a few drawbacks as well. The most crucial is that your cat may become afraid and stop using their litter box. Your cat may take some getting used to this new machine. So make the change slowly with her. Take your time with your furry cat using the automatic litter box because that will not help.

It is easier to keep up other than the fact that it is expensive to few cat owners. It also causes a decrease in odor due to frequent cleaning and may minimize waste from cat litter. You should use an automated litter box by EasyMart. It needs to be powered to switch it on. Watch how it empties the back bin of waste. While your cat is not inside, UV disinfection is performed in this automatic litter box.

The key features of this box are that you can control it using a wifi-enabled application via phone or a remote. The box won't clean if a cat is present, so you do not need to worry about your cat getting scared while in the box. It is plenty for any cat, big or small, and has UV cleanup.

Covered Litter Box

The third option you have is to get a covered box. Litter trays with lids are used for covered boxes for litter. Some designs have door flaps, while others only have a little entrance your cat can squeeze through.

Because they reduce the litter your cat drags beyond the box, those litter boxes are popular among cat owners. The covering may keep smells inside the container, making your home feel clean and new.

Conversely, if the scents are contained, your cat may not enjoy using the litter box. Since they offer more solitude, covered litter boxes are preferred by some cats. They also deter other animals, such as curious dogs, from getting too close.

Benefits of Choosing the Right self-cleaning litter box

You can choose better when you know your options about what types of cat litter boxes are present. Before selecting any litter box, you need to keep a few things in mind.

Minimal litter tracks

When your cat has a space to litter, it will leave fewer tracks for you to clean up after. But for that to happen, you should go for the right litter box. Open litter boxes can let the cat wander sometimes, which you would not want.

Thus, a closed kitty litter box with a lid and automatic litter boxes allows the litter to stay and let the cat do their business privately. Make sure you train your cat well for a closed lid. You can opt for clumping litter to lessen the odor inside the box.

Picking a self-cleaning litter box will be advantageous in the following ways:

  • You won’t have to clean up after
  • You can go without cleaning for days
  • Automatic cat litter box cleaning will lessen the odor

Effective odor management for the cat litter tray

Maintaining a litter box fresh aids with odor management. Compared to traditional litter boxes, the self-cleaning litter box, which cleans itself after each use, has the advantage, while one with an outer shell is more effective.

The kind of litter you choose also helps to minimize odor. Although typical clumping litter is what many individuals are accustomed to, crystal litter offers five times superior odor control, remains dust-free, and captures waste far more effectively.

Picking a litter box with good odor control will help you:

  • Have a clean and fresh room
  • It will be hygienic for you and your cat
  • The air will remain fresh

Take into account the litter box's layout

The litter box layout may impact the aesthetics of your house and your cat's well-being. Your cat may cease to utilize a litter box when it is unsightly or difficult to use. You should consider your cat's tastes and the style of your house while selecting a litter box.

Picking a kitty litter box having a suitable design has the following advantages:

  • A higher possibility that your cat will use the litter box.
  • Better blending with the design of your house.
  • Less work to maintain.

In a Nutshell

EasyMart NZ has exclusive products for your cat and the best material to let your cat get comfortable. When you buy anything new, remember that it takes time and a progressive process to get your cat used to an entirely novel box configuration, regardless of the box kind or the kind of litter.

Start by putting the new trash box or kind of litter next to the current set-up so your cat may investigate and become used to it. Increase the fresh stuff between one and two weeks by gradually blending the new trash with the old. When your cat acts hesitantly or is averse to change, keep an eye on their behavior and slow down the transition.


What kind of litter boxes do cats like?

All cats like their privacy to do their business. Thus, you can choose covered-lid boxes for the kitten. In case your cat doesn't show likeness towards it, you should try other options.

How often should I change the cat's litter box?

It depends on the type of litter box you are using. Read the article to understand how often you should change the cat's litter box.

How do I attract cats to my litter box?

Make sure your cat has access to its toilet by placing it in a calm place in the house. Stay away from busy areas like laundry rooms and dim, inaccessible regions like basements and closets. Position the box so that the cat can readily escape and won't feel hemmed in. If at all possible, put the litter box where your cat is accustomed to regularly doing potty.

Where do cats prefer their litter box?

They like it in a private place where they won't be disturbed. Cats prefer having their litter containers in low-traffic, calm areas where they may have a little bit of solitude and serenity.

How do you get rid of the litter smell in a room?

The litter box needs to be kept clean at all times, so be certain to clean spills right away and wash them down around every month.

Additionally, you may utilize an air purifier, utilize a charcoal filtering system, ventilate your home, or employ baking soda to naturally deodorize.

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