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Dog Supplies

  • indestructible stuffed dog toys

    Hear Doggy! Flatties


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This is the best quality toy that can give engagement to the dog without the irritating noise! Dogs hear sounds that prove to b...

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  • Furminator Shampoo


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Gentle and tearless, pH balanced to clean without drying delicate skin. Enriched with Chamomile Extract and Aloe Vera. This pro...

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  • pet bean bag

    Pawz & Clawz Pet Bean Bag Filled

    from $69.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Get the high-quality Pet Bean Bag that Uses a Strong, durable, and water-resistant Separate inner liner. Besides, it also comes...

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  • faux fur bean

    Beanz | Faux Fur | Bean Mat | Dusty Pink


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Get the high-quality Beanz | Faux Fur | that will prove to be the super soft and fluffy bean bag. Get the high-quality perfect ...

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  • beanz bean bags nz

    Beanz | Bean Mat

    from $46.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Get the high-quality bag that is best to grab a friend. That said, you don’t have to end up with filler beans everywhere. This...

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  • Best with me bag



    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Soft and comfortable with me the bag is sturdy and beautiful. You can also use it alone as a shopping bag. This is made in Ital...

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  • Sherpa Original Deluxe Black Pet Carrier

    from $92.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Travel in comfort and style with Sherpa™ Original Deluxe™ Carrier. Perfect for traveling by plane or car, for a trip, or just t...

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  • telluride dog coat

    Outward Hound Telluride 2-In-1 Coat Green

    from $49.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Comfortable texture and breathable telluride dog coat have an upgraded design and exceeding bright color for high visibility, a...

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  • dog life jacket

    Outward Hound Ripstop Life Jacket

    from $34.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dogs love to swim and we love to keep them safe. The dog life jacket provides a comfortable and secure fit for tons of fun in t...

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  • outward hound pupshield hammock

    Outward Hound PupShield Hammock


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION No matter what situation you find your dog in, with advanced fabrics of outward hound pupshield hammock, your car will stay cle...

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  • pet dispenser

    Outward Hound Pal Paks (Pirate)

    from $33.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dogs are our best friends and family. Harness for dogs can give your good buddy reliable protection and support during working...

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  • dog harness with handle

    Outward Hound Pal Paks (Owl)

    from $38.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Dogs are a very important part of our life. So, we have to take them on a walk every day. But the roads nowadays are not safe ...

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  • Outward Hound Pal Paks(Monster)

    from $33.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Pal Pak™ Harness is the perfect blend of fun and functional for dogs on the go! These walking harnesses easily hold all of ...

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  • Outward Hound Daypak Blue

    from $62.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION HIKING HERO: The Outward Hound DayPak is one of our bestselling and most popular dog backpacks. This pack securely holds all of...

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  • cord blue


    from $30.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Amigo cord beige-blue brings to you the best of quality, best dog leash, which comes in trendy bright shades and adds a cheery ...

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  • nature's miracle hypoallergenic dog shampoo

    Nature's Miracle Supreme Odor Control Hypoaller...


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Nature's Miracle Supreme Odor Control Hypoallergenic Shampoo and Conditioner give freshens and clean your dog's skin without ha...

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  • nature's miracle skin and coat odor control

    Nature's Miracle Skin And Coat Odor Control Oat...


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Get a high-quality soap-free Nature's Miracle Skin And Coat Odor Control that is safe to use with spot-on flea and tick product...

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  • dematting spray for dogs

    IOD Spray Brush


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION IOD Spray Brush works to prevent hair damage. Besides, IOD Spray Brush reduces shedding, static. It can maintain a silky, healt...

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  • isle of dogs replascent

    IOD Replascent


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Isle of dogs replascent helps in neutralizing bad odors and replacing bad smells with a subtle fragrance. Replscents work as an...

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  • IOD Everyday Natural Luxury


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The isle of dogs imdb every day is best for in-between baths and cleaning up. IOD every day works wonders for the removal of gr...

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  • shampoo and conditioner

    IOD CocoClean Shampoo And Conditioner


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Gentle shampoo IOD cococlean keep dog's coat and skin clean and fresh. You can also use IOD cococlean as a facial cleansing sha...

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  • sulfate free shampoo and conditioner

    IOD CocoClean 2 in 1 Shampoo And Conditioner Su...


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Our Two-In-One Shampoo & Conditioner is a gentle yet thorough, two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. Formulated to cleanse an...

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  • furminator conditioner

    Furminator Ultra Premium Conditioner 473ml


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Ultra Premium furminator conditioner is the best conditioner that works by releasing an undercoat during the bath. A good b...

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  • furminator small animal

    Furminator Tool - Small Animal


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Furminator small animal is the unit that is recommended by Veterinarians for the prevention of dangerous hairballs from develop...

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The Best Quality Dog Products Online 

Are you searching for premium quality products for your pets? If you are a dog owner looking for the best supplies, you are at the right place. EasyMart is the largest online shop for dog supplies in New Zealand. Whether you look for small canine accessories or cool dog toys, you can find them at EasyMart. It is certainly one of the best web stores in the country to search for a high-quality dog shop

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EasyMart is the best place in New Zealand to buy high-quality dog supplies from reputed brands. If you search for a dog shop near me in the Google Search bar, you can easily find us. All our products are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort to your furry friends.  

We are an eminent web store that caters to the needs of dog owners throughout the country. We aim to provide authentic products to pet owners. You can go through the customer reviews on our site that help you to find the best dog supplies that you can buy for your cute pooch. 

Importance of playtime 

If you are a dog parent, you know the importance of pet toys. Toys are essential for the exercise regimen and well-being of your pets. Your pets get into a frenzy of fun and excitement when they see dog toys. And you can find a myriad of dog store, including dog toys, at EasyMart. With the right dog toys, your pet will get both mental and physical stimulation. When your furry companion gets bored, provide them some of the amazing dog toys from us. You can also prevent the inappropriate chewing habit of your dog by providing them with the right toys. 

Groom your pet at home 

Pets need routine grooming, and a pet parent should regularly examine their teeth, eyes, ears, and nails to ensure health. It helps your dog look great and feel best. Since your furry friend does not need daily grooming habits and hygiene, you can do that at your home with a few high-quality grooming products from EasyMart. Even professional dog handlers and dog groomers use our products to keep the puppies of their clients look great. Browse our large range of pet supplies in New Zealand and choose products for your pet. 

Best pet carriers to take your dog outdoors 

It shall be exciting to go walking or jogging with your pet, and you can conveniently take your pet outdoors in a pet stroller. You can find a large collection of durable pet carriers of reputed brands at EasyMart. In fact, you can find any dog accessories in this New Zealand web store.  

Make the outdoor adventures of your pet easy and fun-filled by choosing one pet carrier from this online store. Whether you look for dog harnesses or dog collars, you can also find them at EasyMart. With our pet carriers, you can make your pooch extremely comfortable during travel. 

Make your pet comfortable with a bean bag 

Choose a pet bean bag from EasyMart if you plan to give their space for your pet dog. It is the perfect way to five the best comfort for your furry friend. As the best online dog store in New Zealand, you can find a wide range of pet beds and bean bags to make your pets feel happy and comfortable. Choose a high-quality filled bean bag to protect your pooch. 

For finding a large range of best dog supplies 

You can find many benefits by having a pet dog, and each of you might follow a unique way to interact with your pet. And you enjoy your special bond with your furry friend. Groom your pets with high-quality shampoo and other products. You do not need to take your puppy to a dog groomer for washing or a haircut with our grooming products. Our products range from dog collars, dog shampoos and conditioners, spray brushes, and pro clippers. You can find everything to groom your pet from head to tail at EasyMart. We are your best dog shop near your home. 

EasyMart ( the best ecommerce website new zealand ) mainly focuses on customer satisfaction, and we ensure to provide unparalleled service to them. Since we have a wide network of warehouses across the country, you can expect the next-day delivery by placing orders for any dog accessories. Browse our large collection of dog supplies to enhance the standard of living of your pet pooch.

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