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Bean Bags

  • moon bean bag

    Beanz | Moon Bean


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Perfect moon bag bean bag is the best unit to just sink into that ensures giving the high-end comfort to you for extended peri...

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  • bean chair

    Beanz | Mini Bean

    from $44.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Bean chairs help prevent and reduce back pain and tension by improving poor posture and providing you with the support your mus...

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  • mega bean bag

    Beanz | Mega Bean


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Beanz Mega Bean is a square Bean Bag that you can sit on, or lay it down for a little snooze. Get comfy with this one at ho...

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  • lazy bean bag

    Beanz | Lazy Bean


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The relaxation that comes from sitting in a lazy bean bag chair helps alleviate neck and shoulder tension. The beanbag chair pr...

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  • different types of bean bags

    Beanz | Cruzy Bean


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This bean bag-type chair is a perfect complement to any décor. You can keep different types of bean bags somewhere in your home...

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  • bean bag chair

    Beanz | Big Mini


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Everyone desires to create a healthy sitting space along with a great ambiance. Therefore, we brought you this bean bag online ...

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  • big bean bag

    Beanz | Big Bean

    from $58.00

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Create a comfortable sitting space inside as well as outside the house using these big bean bags. These brain chairs are optima...

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  • best banana bean bag

    Beanz | Banana Bean


    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Banana bean bags are the best product which you can give someone. This is because these are available in an amazing banana sha...

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Buy a large waterproof and washable bean bag pet bed online 

Bean bags are a space-saving and inexpensive furniture option for many people. Most of the traditional furniture is made up of solid wood with some alluring patterns or carvings. The taste and interest of people have evolved with time throughout the world, and many modern furniture designs have captured their imagination. Bean bags are one of them which can easily add character to any room, be it your living room or the cozy family room. Interestingly, bean beds are started to provide even for pets. Buy a big bean bag for your pet dog as it loves to rest on its new bed. 

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Buy the bean bags from EasyMart to arrange a comfortable and warm sleeping space for your pet dog. We are the most popular online portal in New Zealand to buy high-quality and durable dog bean bags at affordable rates. Take a look at our vast range of washable bean bags to buy the right one for your furry friend. 

Promote your dog's healthy sleeping patterns with a bean bag 

Most people prefer to buy a giant bean bag, but they do not know its uses. They know that a bean bag can be a safe and comfortable sleeping place for their pets. More than that, bean bags can provide healthy sleeping patterns in your pet dog. Besides, your pet can enjoy some privacy while sleeping if you provide it a bean bag. A bean bag has enough height, and your pet can easily stand on it after a rest. Apart from that, this type of bed is more durable and comfortable than other bed types for dogs. 

Buy a large dog bean bag bed for your pet 

You love to buy a good quality bean bag for your pooch to provide it with peaceful, long, and uninterrupted periods of sleep. They can enjoy their sleep on a bean bed, which is essential for a healthy life. Dogs usually nap and sleep for up to fourteen hours a day depends on their age and personality. In fact, they have specific sleeping habits. And if you are given a chance, they might choose the most comfortable space available to sleep. Buy a smooth and comfortable giant bean bag that offers coziness and warmth to your pet dog. 

Why dog needs enough sleep 

Enough sleep is essential for your pet pooch every day. In fact, it requires a certain amount of REM sleep in order to reduce its stress. They release stress hormones like cortisone and adrenaline at a high level if they get into any fight ad they can eliminate these hormones only through REM sleep. If dogs do not get sufficient sleep, they cannot eliminate the stress hormones from their blood and affect their behavior. 

 Sleep-deprived dogs find it difficult to control their natural impulses and became more aggressive. When your dog is in REM sleep, it started to make whimpering sounds or move its legs and feet. With the help of bean bags, you can encourage healthy and sound sleep patterns in your pet dogs. 

Benefits of providing a bean bag pet bed for your pooch 

Why not consider a waterproof dog bean bag bed if you look for a new bed for your pet dog? Your furry friend certainly loves it. Apart from that, it can provide many benefits. The key benefits of using bean bags for your pets are: 

  • It can provide own space for your dog 
  • Bean bags are versatile and durable 
  • Dogs need a cozy and soft spot, and a bean bag provides warmth 
  • A bean bag can prevent injuries and protect their joints 
  • You can easily clean a bean bag 

Tips to choose the best dog bean bag for your dog 

Dogs have the habit of scratch, bite and chew their bed. So you cannot pick a bed randomly, which is made up of any material. The material of the dog bed must be strong enough to withstand the behavioral habits of your pet. Marine-grade vinyl is the best material to make a bed for your dog, which is waterproof, anti-bacterial, and mould resistant. It is easy to clean and maintain. Some other popular options for a waterproof dog bean bag bed are Polyester, PVC, and Nylon. Consider the following things before buying a dog bean bag from EasyMart. 

  • Dogs tend to damage materials. So, do not give your old bean bag for your pet to sleep on. 
  • Choose a bean bag made from durable material. 
  • It must be waterproof and have some resistant features like flea and odor-resistant, and antibacterial.  
  • The bean bag also should be supportive and comfortable. 

    Bean bags can be good replacements for the sofas or chairs in your home. But buy a waterproof dog bean bag bed for your pooch as well. A bean bag bed is more comfortable and soft, and your pet certainly loves to rest or sleep. Browse the large collection of washable dog bean bags at top eCommerce sites in new zealand to buy the suitable one for your furry friend. 

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