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boxing day sale 2022 NZ

EasyMart Boxing Day Sale 2024 - Get the Best Deals and Discounts

The boxing day sale is alike the Black Friday sale but is one of the most popular sales of the year because during this sale event EasyMart offer discounts of up to 50% which is why people eagerly wait for the day when the boxing day sale begins. Most of these shopping centers avail huge offers to clear the stock before the new year begins so people buy more products for themselves and to gift to their loved ones. Moreover, during this event people go out for watching cricket matches, and races, and for doing many other amusing things because everything is on sale. People rush towards the stores and online shopping sites on Christmas eve because some stores and websites start boxing day deals then so people who come earlier pick up their favourite furniture, pet products, and sports/fitness tools at a lesser price than they have to pay during Christmas or before it. Last year New Zealand people set a record by selling $100 million in goods on a boxing day sale event.

Check out the items that are on sale on Boxing day

The boxing day sale is one good reason for the vendors to clear up the stock which has been gathered in the stores before the new year so several items include in the sale and those are mentioned below.

  • Sports and Fitness

Doesn't matter whether you are looking for an MMA kit or a martial arts kit you will find everything on sale here. So just flip out your old practising sports kit and update your wardrobe by filling them up with new ones. There are several categories like weightlifting, basketball accessories, trampolines, bike accessories, and functional fitness tools everything is at a reasonable price under the exciting boxing day deals.

  • Home and Office Furniture

You can purchase furniture from the boxing day furniture sale for getting ready your house or workspace. Here you will have every kind of furniture for your home and office like beds, recliners, chairs, computer desks, ergonomic chairs and much more decorative furniture to keep your place pleasant.

  • Pet products

If you were waiting to grab your little friend's favourite snacks or toys at a good discounted price then your wait is over boxing day offers a huge discount on every pet product whether you choose items like dog toys, dog training pads, pet bedding, cat scratching trees, or any pet farm supplies present in the inventory of the store.

  • Other basic products sale

There are some other must-have products on sale during boxing days like office accessories, bar chairs, cafe chairs, rustic furniture, ottomans, sofas or any kind of outdoor furniture that is under sale event so shop your essential need now.


Boxing day it is a public holiday but some stores are open with low prices on their products if you are somewhere there are limited retail shops then the best option to enjoy the boxing day sale is online most of the stores start their sale on Christmas day online. If you are planning to shop offline then there is a disadvantage for you that during this event there are a lot of people rushing towards the store so there is chaos and fewer chances to get parking shopping online is more convenient than shopping offline. There is no difference in the products which you will buy online moreover some retailers offer free shipping to their customers during boxing day offers.

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