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metal lockers

Organize your items conveniently with storage lockers

Are you looking for an effective and safe way to store your personal belongings? If you are working in an office, you know the importance of keeping all the important paperwork and documents in a safer place. With metal lockers, you can have a peaceful and hassle-free office space. You can find many durable locker designs in different materials with EasyMart.

Office locker - A secure storage solution

Whether you renovate an existing office or design a new office for your company, a proper storage solution is essential for keeping the space organized and appealing. Besides, it helps you to keep all important files and folders in a safe and secure place.

Using the right office locker is a secure solution for your storage issues. These are common fixtures used in offices and schools. In fact, lockers for sale are not limited to use in schools and offices. You can use them in your houses or garages.

 office storage solution

Office lockers NZ provide a safe and secure area for employees to store their valuables and belongings. Lockers, whether it is an office locker or school locker, contain multiple compartments, and each of them supports the use of a lock.

Usually, employees use locker compartments to place their belongings. And they secure them with a normal combination of lock or key lock. In addition to that, they can conveniently retrieve their items from those compartments at the end of the day.

For making your office space clutter-free and organized

Many homemakers and offices find a storage locker an attractive solution to store their things. Employees can keep their cash, handbags, wallets, cell phones, keys, tablet/laptop computers, and other valuable things in them without the worry of losing them. In fact, using a locker certainly helps them to keep their workspace organized and clutter-free. It also helps them to be more mindful of the valuables they carry to the workplace.

Another attractive feature of using office lockers is that they do not occupy too much space. Metal lockers in offices will certainly safeguard the belongings of your employees from theft. Even the co-workers of your employees will not be able to open the locker compartment once you lock it.

Benefits of staff lockers in offices

benefits of storage lockers infographic

Lockers for sale can be used in different settings like in offices, warehouses, and schools. Plenty of reasons are there why you consider installing a metal locker in the workplace or other institutions. Nowadays, many employees and students rely on different gadgets to fulfill their work and study requirements. They need headsets to tablets and laptops for their needs. Carrying them around is certainly not convenient. They can safely keep such valuable items in their locker compartments. Let us check some of the benefits of using a storage locker in offices or schools.

  • For organizing items

When it comes to consolidating, the lockers are effective equipment. You can conveniently organize several things in it. Most of these items use more space if you keep them outside the locker. Keeping things inside a locker is a great way to make your office space well-organized. You can install it in a storage room or near your workplace. Use your locker to keep books, important files, and paperwork, and other valuable things in a safe manner.

  • For space spacing

Since storage lockers do not take up too much space, many offices provide them to their employees. It helps them to manage their important documentation. In fact, employees can use their lockers as a careful and resourceful solution for storage. They can safely keep and maintain their files and other documents. In addition to that, employees can retrieve the right document quickly without wasting their time.

  • For making your space clutter-free

Metal lockers are certainly an appealing storage solution. They can provide you with defined areas to store your belongings like bags, wallets, cash, and other personal items. Lockers have sections to place items, and you are mindful of the things you can carry to your workplace.

  • For time management

Losing or misplacing documents and other items is high in your workplace. Searching for those things can be tedious and take a lot of time. Using a storage locker helps employees to store important files and other things in a safe place. In fact, it helps them be more productive and time-efficient in their professional and personal life.

  • For reducing risks

Using office lockers NZ is the best way to keep your items organized securely. It can help you to reduce the risk of moving or losing important things frequently. Losing items are high while transferring items. And you can avoid losing items if you keep them properly in a storage unit.

Different types of office lockers beneficial in the workplace

Every business owner desires to provide a neat and clean workplace for their employees. It encourages your employees to follow a well-disciplined work plan. So, most business owners prefer choosing storage lockers for their staff. Many options are available in the market when it comes to storage lockers. The popular types of office lockers that you can use in a workplace are:

  • Laptop lockers
  • Cube and Quarto Lockers
  • Specialist Lockers
  • POD Lockers
  • Garment Dispenser Locker
  • Mobile Shelving
  • Clear door locker

Things to consider before buying lockers

Storage lockers are a safe option to keep your things securely. In fact, their safety depends on the innovative lock technology used and their users. Users should keep their keys, or access cards, or code in their possession safely at all times. Most office lockers in New Zealand are available with intruder alarm systems to guarantee safety. Consider the following things before choosing a good locker for sale for your office, school, or home.

  • Check the number of columns or compartments it contains
  • Consider the material and color of the locker
  • Feel free to choose a locker in a different color other than grey and beige
  • Check the durability of the locker
  • Look for its locking system
  • Check the repel corrosion finish for metal office lockers

Choose the right place to install office lockers

Once you choose the right type of office locker, decide on a space where you want to install it. If your office has a break room, install the locker there because it is a common area. You can find single-compartment lockers, but most of them come with multiple compartments. So, many employees can use a storage locker to keep their items. You can also install the lockers in a communal area or conference room of the office. Employees find it convenient to enter these areas to use the office lockers. The hallway is another area to install an office locker.

Smart office lockers for smart workplaces

Workplaces of today are well-designed with good-looking and stylish office lockers. They can improve the productivity and engagement of their employees. Most workplaces have the concept of open spaces. The reason is that your work takes place by project rather than by department. So, most employees do not have a fixed desk. They usually move between floors, and they can keep their valuables in a simple locking solution like a storage locker.

smart office lockers

Check the safety of the lockers before keeping important documents and valuables in them. Fortunately, most metal lockers available today come with innovative lock technology.

Tips to maintain your office lockers

You can use an office locker for many years if you maintain it properly. But most of you do not spend time maintaining. Many employers consider checking their office lockers only when a problem arises. Regular maintenance is required in order to make your storage lockers last. You can see the maintenance tips on the instruction manual and read them.

Office lockers are available in different types. They vary in their construction, size, and functionality. So, maintenance also might differ based on their type. So, refer to the instruction manual to know the right way of maintaining them. Most lockers need only occasional cleaning to keep them in good condition.

Your metal lockers will have a dingy appearance after some time because of the settling of dust and dirt. Use a soapy solution to clean it instead of using commercial cleaning products. Avoid using any solvent to remove adhesive for powder-coated lockers. It can breach the coating and your locker starts to corrode.


Furnish your office with metal lockers if you plan to open an office. Providing storage lockers is a great way to increase productivity and efficiency of your employees. It helps them to get organized and make their workspace clutter-free. They can safely store important files and documents and their personal belongings in the lockers.

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