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types of bookshelf 2023

Types of Bookshelf for 2024

Any room looks better with a shelf full with books. Bookworms who collect books require a particular bookcase, preferably a modern bookshelf. In addition to keeping your books organized, it improves the appearance of your house.


A standalone bookshelf is a functional piece of furniture. When the layout changes, it can be readily moved to a new spot. Freestanding shelves come in a variety of patterns, styles, shapes, and sizes, as well as in wood, metal, and MDF. 

A design with movable shelves is advantageous since they may be arranged to accommodate different book heights. To prevent it from falling over if the freestanding bookshelf is tall, secure it to the wall. Although some of these designs may include doors or bookshelf with drawers, most of these shelves offer open storage. You can also choose a freestanding shelf that mixes open and closed storage, depending on your preferences and intended use.

A Glass-Topped Bookshelf 

This type of bookshelf has a contemporary aesthetic and can make a space look brighter. The living room is the perfect place for glass bookcases. Glass doors on traditional wood and glass bookcases keep the books within. 

Glass doors don't have to completely enclose the shelf; you can alternate among wood and glass instead. Stained, frosted, or bevel lacquered glass are all options. There are numerous methods to design glass bookcases. Use LED strips to illuminate it to draw attention to your preferred authors. To improve the appearance of your home, choose a full glass open bookshelf. A glass shelf with side panels and a chromed metal frame is another option.

Cube Bookshelf 

With or without a back, a cube bookshelf comes in a variety of sizes. In contrast to a cube bookshelf, a regular bookshelf is frequently tall and rectangular. A cube bookshelf can be any shape you want because you can link the cubes to make a triangle, a hexagon, or any other shape you like. Because they are separated into tiny cubes to store books, these wall bookcases may be more efficiently organized.

Little and large books can be stacked independently using cubes of various sizes or those of equal size. To break up the monotony, adorn a few cubes with plants, picture frames, or other objects rather than stuffing them all with books. It's appropriate for the bedroom.

Floating shelf

A floating shelf lacks any apparent support brackets and has its wall fixtures concealed inside the shelf board. The floating bookcases that are installed on the wall appear to be standing by themselves. Especially in homes with limited space, ladder bookshelves made of wood or metal have grown in popularity due to their elegant fitment.

Corner Bookshelf

A corner bookshelf, which takes up less room and is available in stylish designs, is perfect for maximizing storage. Corner shelves may be positioned on the floor or mounted on the wall. Books can be neatly organized vertically on a corner shelf. Place objects in convenient areas, and use open shelves to show off your book collection.

How to choose a bookcase?

how to choose a bookcase

At least one bookshelf is required in every home to display it all from books to pictures on the wall. You should read this tutorial whether you're looking to buy your first bookshelf for your house or just need to add a new somebody to your existing collection. After all, there's so many options available that it's probable you'll find it difficult to select the finest one for your home.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

bookshelves storage

Consider the style you like and the items you need to fit in this piece of furniture before choosing one of the many bookshelves available on the market.

A normal bookshelf should work for you if all you want it to be is a place to store books or display trinkets. This might have an open or closed back and be tall or wide.

The cube bookcase is yet another choice. Unlike traditional bookcases, which typically feature lengthy shelves, cube storage choices include square shelves where books, decorative baskets, or boxes can be stored. This gives you the option of concealing some of your belongings without much difficulty.

Some bookshelves are designed to appear nearly as ornamental as they are practical, as well. For instance, captives bookcases were primarily created to display your finest décor while looking attractive. These bookcases often feature thin frames, open shelves, and a few decorative elements, such as a distinctive pattern or shelves carved into fascinating forms, so you'll notice they're not exactly sturdy.

Which Style Fits Your Space the Best?

bookshelf with storage drawer

Choose carefully the color and material you want for your bookcase last. Yes, the conventional wooden bookshelf with lengthy shelves comes to mind when you think of bookshelves, and this is a common choice.

A wooden bookcase would look wonderful in a traditional home with wood furniture you love. Just consider the wood's lightness or darkness and whether you want any stand-out embellishments, such hand-carved shapes or scrolls.

Yet, perhaps you're ready to venture beyond conventional wood. Choose a metal bookshelf with glass shelves for a more contemporary appearance. Also, you may blend the two types by selecting a steel frame with hardwood shelves if you want a touch of both. Next choose the colors of the wood and metal, and you'll have the ideal bookcase for your home.

Conclusion: What do you seek? versus your needs?

One of the most crucial things to understand about wall mounted bookshelves is that they have a variety of uses. For instance, certain solid wood bookshelves (such as those with file drawers, doors, etc.) are made entirely for storing items out of sight, while others are made to display many of the trinkets that are kept on their shelves. Similar to bookcases, some are created only for aesthetic reasons (to adhere to a particular concept; baroque, minimalism, etc.), while others are built to display substantial book collections.

Then there is the specialized category of user-specific, solid wood bookshelves that are tailored to the user's requirements. For instance, the proportions of a certain solid wood bookshelf will be completely different and highly specific if someone wants it to display their expensive collector's edition toys or their shoe collection. This is why, before starting your search, you should figure out the mechanics of what you need the bookshelf for.

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