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PaWz Cat Tree Toy Scratching Post Scratcher Tower Condo Wooden House Cream 130cm

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Color: Cream

Observe your cat springing up your tall cat tree, effortlessly leaping between platforms. Enhance their experience by incorporating toys that entertain your playful feline – dangling, batting, and biting.

Jump, relax, and play – your cat can dash energetically up and down your contemporary cat tower. A well-exercised cat is a content one. Allow them to scratch and explore, sparing your furniture from their attention.

Your cat can find comfort in their cozy cat bed cubbyhouse, offering both a cat tree and a bed in one. Watch your cat rest on the crow's nest platform, observing the world from their elevated perch.

Installation is a breeze – simply twist or use the provided hex key. No extra tools are required. You'll have your DIY cat tree assembled in no time. Just ensure it's securely positioned against your ceiling. While cats may have nine lives, it's best not to put that to the test.

Your cat climbing tree can fit into any room in your house. Put it in a corner of your living room. Install it in your entryway alcove. Keep it next to your fridge. The choice is yours.

Key Features

  • Stable wooden construction
  • Natural sisal posts and soft plush cover
  • Multi-level design with ample play areas
  • Bed cubes and cradles ladder
  • Hanging toys for extra fun
  • This all-in-one piece includes scratching, perching, climbing, and sleeping options for your cat.
  • Brand: PaWz
  • Material: MDF plush fabric sisal
  • Color: Cream/Gray
  • Dimension (L x W x H) : 48cm x 40cm x 130cm (L x W x H)
  • 1 x PaWz Cat Tree
  • 1 x Installation kit
  • 1 x User Manual

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