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5x Cross-Fit Speed Skipping Rope Wire



Cross-Fit jump rope exercises are very helpful for speed, agility, and HIIT training. Not only do these help you to achieve good physical strength but also help you to lose some calories hence making you fit. Therefore, we have brought you this best skipping rope which is very durable. The build quality of this skipping rope is very good as it is made up of high-quality material which provides it better strength and higher longevity. The Allan Key mechanism of this jumping rope is easily adjustable. While the length of this speed rope can be adjusted up to 285cm. Also, it has contoured handles that allow you to carry out your speed skipping rope training with ease and in comfort. This is what makes it the best skipping rope to have. Therefore, get this speed rope now to perform all kinds of Cross-Fit jump rope exercises anywhere. It will help you to carry your fitness to a higher level.


  • This skipping rope can be used anywhere as it has a sturdy construction and brilliant build quality
  •  It has contoured handles allow you to carry out your training with ease and in comfort
  •  One can use this jumping rope for numerous strength and speed training


  • It is made up of higher quality material which ensures its higher longevity and strength
  •  Allan Key mechanism is there to make it easily adjusted
  • The length of this rope is also adjustable up to 285cm