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PaWz Dog Cat Pet Hair Dryer Grooming Blow Speed Hairdryer Blower Heater Blaster 2800W

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Color: Black


Dogs love to jump and play in everything. You have washed your dog yet again from their mud bath! At least this time you can dry them off quickly. A happy dog is a dry and clean dog.

No more wet dog smell around the house. Clean your fluffy dog then dry them straight away with your new dog hairdryer. Faster drying means a healthier dog, particularly for long-haired breeds.

It is almost a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a blow dryer. Just select the right setting and point the nozzle at your pet’s fur. Keep moving the nozzle over your pet until they are dried. Easy.

Your dog will soon learn to love their pet blow dryer. Introduce it to them slowly and start at a lower temperature and speed. Get them used to it over a few sessions. Start slow but dry fast.

We are not saying this is perfect to dry children with. We would never say that. If you happened to have a wet child and wanted them dry fast. Well, this pet hair dryer does a great job of drying.


  • Thermal control
  • Airflow control
  • Quick and safe drying
  • Low noise operation
  • Three different nozzles
  • Insulated handle
  • Flexible hose
  • Easy to use
  • Brand: PaWz
  • Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Output power: 2800W
  • Airflow speed: 20m/s - 72m/s
  • Temperature range (Farunheight): 35 – 57
  • Hose length: 76cm - 230cm Adjustable
  • Dimension: 35cm x 17cm x 25cm 
  • Colour: Black, Blue, White
  • 1x PaWz Pet Hair Dryer
  • 3x Nozzles
  • 1x Flexible Hose
  • 1x Instruction Manual

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