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goDog Retrieval GoFetch



Reduce your and your pet's anxiety, boredom with this giant tennis ball, it is such an ultra-playful toy to keep your pets busy and stops them from chewing your personal belongings and furniture. The go Fetch bulk tennis balls for dogs were intensely designed with an exceptional duo-flex hinged jaw that works on any sized dog playing with the ball, toy is just about made with any material is ultra-durable resistant to the most persistent of the chewers, water-resistant long-lasting, and resistance to bite. These bulk tennis balls for dogs allow you to have just one thrower for all of your tennis balls. This giant tennis ball for dogs is strong chew hard bole helps in dental cleaning, exercise jaw, prevents tartar and plaque build-up, it also exercises jaws cleanup dirt hidden in dogs teeth. The texture and colors of the balls add interest for pets and also helps in massaging their gums. These bulk tennis balls for dogs are perfect for large and giant breeds. So! Hurry up and grab it to diminish your and your pets’ boredom before it runs out of stock.
  • Giant tennis ball for dogs was designed with a unique duo-flex hinged jaw which works on any sized breeds 
  • The dog playing with the ball allows you to have just one thrower for all your tennis balls 
  • It has a rubberized handle for easy grip 
  • Made with a durable foam insert technology with bonded seams for a stronger tennis ball 
  • Can pick up any sized tennis ball for dog playing with the ball