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Jungle Talk Lots Of Legs



Get the particularly designed Lots Of Legs that provides hours of preening fun. Overall, jungle talk talk n play proves to be A Fun Way To Keep Bird Mentally And Physically Active. The pet stays Entertained All Day Long. The centerpiece features colorful wooden bear, duck, or flower characters. That said, jungle talk bird toys work for the addition of the spark of excitement to play. You can get the timber that is fruit-flavored and act as a delicious attraction. Five irresistible dangly ropes threaded through the holes of the belly makes it even more attractive.


  • Ropes get pulled and tugged erratically 
  • It helps to change the length of the ropes 
  • Ropes attach to stimulating, bright and colorful shapes and beads 
  • Beads dangle and spin erratically 
  • Endless entertainment with ropes knotted at the ends
  • Fun frayed edges 
  • Fun shapes guarantee long term support with the durable plastic materials 
  • The bird can enjoy the wide range of textures and unpredictable movement 
  • The wooden character proves to be the best being attached to a long, metal dangly chain 
  • Easy attachment to the cage using the strong and safe carabiner 
  • Interaction, preening, exploration, and chewing 
  • The bird stays physically active and mentally stimulated 
  • Discourage biting, chewing, and destruction 
  • An acceptable outlet for chewing and climbing behavior 
  • Practicing the natural skill of holding, grasping, and manipulating is easy 
  • Encourage beak maintenance with Improvement of your bird’s quality of life 
  • Easy to install 
  • Dimensions (approx) is 31cm height x 12cm length x 8cm width 
  • Wooden Character is of 9cm height x 8.5cm length x 1cm width 
  • Shapes are 2.5 – 3.5cm in diameter 
  • Beads are 1.3cm in diameter 
  • Metal chain: is of 12cm height x 0.5cm width 
  • Food grade coloring and flavor composition • Stainless steel quick links lock