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Natures Miracle Bird Cage Scrubbing Wipes 30



Quilted texture comes along with grip technology that can ensure easy lifting of stuck-on debris. Besides, Bird Cage Cleaning Wipes can also work as a deodorizing formula that eliminates odors. Natures Miracle Bird Cage Scrubbing Wipes can also help clean the waste odors and can keep them clean, hygienic cage.


  • Scrubbing dot wipes that are Extra thick 
  • Removal of stubborn caked-on debris 
  • Yucca Extract ensure elimination of tough cage odors 
  • This is the best quality Bird Cage Scrubbing Wipes that is Gentle for birds 
  • Scrubbing dot wipes with Extra thick that remove stubborn caked-on debris 
  • Enzymatic odor control that is Plant derived eliminating tough cage odors 
  • The quilted texture that comes with the grip dot technology, thus easily lifting stuck-on debris 
  • Regular use of the Bird Cage Scrubbing Wipes helps eliminate pet waste smells. Thus it becomes easy to get a clean, hygienic cage