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Push Up Bar Stand Handle Muscle Strength Exercise Gym



Performing dips and pushups is one of the most efficient workout techniques. To make that slightly comfortable and specialized, we have brought you these amazing push-up bar stands which are brilliantly manufactured from heavy-duty chrome steel piper. Therefore, these push-up equipment have good strength and higher longevity. Also, to provide it a sturdy construction, these are nonslip pads at the feet which avoid the bars to slip. The craftsmen of this push-up bar have added foam over the handles for the user to have a good and comfortable group of these push-up handles. The best part about these push-up bar stands is that they are compatible to be used for multiple types of exercises and can withstand the pressure of heavy-weighted users too. Moreover, the chances of wrist injury using these push-up stands are very low as they have a nice structure. Therefore, get this push-up equipment which is available in a set of 2 now at a fascinating price.


  • The sturdy construction of these bars makes them compatible for multiple exercises
  •  The chances of getting wrist injuries using these bars are very low
  •  Foam padding is available at the handle which makes them comfortable and much compatible to use
  •  Also, there are no-slip pads at the feet to avoid them slipping over the floor


  • It is constructed of heavy-duty chrome steel pipes
  •  It can withstand heavy weights and has higher longevity
  •  This push-up equipment is available in a set of 2
  •  Overall dimensions of this pushup bars is - 25cm x 16.5cm x 14cm