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SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Concealed Motion Toy

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smartykat Electronic Motion Cat Toys is the set that comes with an erratically moving wand concealed under the durable fabric. Cat drop low and start swishing whenever it starts playing with this smartykat Electronic Motion Cat Toys. Four speeds and two replaceable wand attachments can ensure giving the best vibes for playtime variety. 

Worldwise Inc, the company behind the SmartyKat range is right up our alley. For almost 30 years their mission has been to make environmentally responsible products that pets love and that cost no more than conventional products. Worldwise products typically include recycled, reclaimed, renewable resources, or certified organic ingredients. The SmartyKat range is known for its innovative products, stylish designs, environmental.


  • These are the products that the pets love and cost no more than conventional products. 
  • What makes these products better is that they are recycled, reclaimed, renewable resources, or certified organic ingredients. 
  • You can get the availability of the other products too that comes with the smartykat range. Toy cruises have the option of rotating randomly, vibrating bristles, and changing Directions. You can go with flipping, providing longer-lasting fun for the cat. 
  • Smartykat Hot Pursuit has become one of the best units in the form of the very cool cat toy that your pet will love. 
  • A cat that likes hunting your feet under the blankets will love the toy. So, pick the best toy for cats today for your feline friend. Combined hunting with chasing at the same time makes this unit the best.